Month: June 2004



How’d we end up in Vancouver?

It started almost a decade ago – 2003. We boarded a “repositioning” cruise ship in Port Canaveral, Florida. Repositioning cruises are “one way” trips where the cruise ship vendor is change the ship’s home base. In this case, it was changing from a Caribbean tack to the Alaska route. The cruise rounded the tip of Florida, and headed mostly west. Through the Panama Canal, across Mexico, up the US west coast and into Canada.

On board we met a wonderful couple – Peter Cheng and Vincent Wheeler of Vancouver. They showed us around their town. The weather was (unseasonably) fabulous. Scott was looking for a place to study Culinary Arts; Vancouver has several good choices. We were smitten.

Scott ended up renting their space apartment in the building where we now live. Later we purchased #1102 (and a couple of years later, #1101 in the same building) — the same units as them, a couple of floors up. A convenient location in a neighborhood that feels like a village – in fact it’s named “Davie Village”.

We’ve spent summers here since 2004. More recently, Scott decided to become a Canadian citizen (dual national) – which reflects his pride a living in Canada and solves the residency requirement we otherwise need to meet every year.