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December 2014
2-1-2015 3-49-58 PMMy drive from Arizona to South Florida was an estimated 2583 miles (4156km) one way, and naturally some legs are going to be longer than others. A while back, I’d made arrangements to stay with a guy I worked for during my first job (I suppose technically it was my 2nd job – but with the same employer). We’ve been in touch over the years since we each left the company (Digital Equipment) and I knew he was somewhere in Florida. Unfortunately, while there was no error or ambiguity on his part, I had apparently mistaken one Florida town for another. Result? After a night on the town (read: “hangover”), I ended up at 7am and having to drive from New Orleans to St. Petersburg, Florida – almost 700 miles / 1125km. With traffic and a couple of stops it was over 11 hours in the car.

(photo by Bob)

(photo by Bob)

Well, it was worth it. Bob and I are both older by more than 3 decades; I’m mostly bald and while he’s got a full head of hair, it’s pretty much silver. I remember Bob as being thin going on gaunt; he isn’t any more but is an avid bicyclist and looks great. His wit and humor have survived the test of time – and the complete loss of his house to fire just a few weeks prior to my showing up. He’s got a great bunch of kids and entertaining pets too.

Here are a few “creative commons” photos – I didn’t take any while I was there (arrived late, left relatively early)

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