Hello Readers (both of you :-),

As usual, an apology for not keeping you abreast of what we’ve been up to. I (Scott) tend to think that it’s because we’re not up to anything interesting, but Kathy (in particular) has a new passion which is keeping her busy and mentally engaged, and I thought I’d write a bit about it. She’s been working pro bono on climate change projects in conjunction with Anthros Consulting, which has brought her variously to the Adirondack region of New York, the British Virgin Islands, Palm Springs California, and the recent culmination of one project has had her spending a bunch of time in downtown Tucson – a half hour or so from our Oro Valley, Arizona home. She’s been hobnobbing with many of the country’s premier Climate Scientists. It’s been an awesome experience for her and I am enjoying it vicariously.

I don’t entirely understand the breadth of what she’s up to, but I know this: it is captivating for her. We’re apart at the moment (I’m in British Columbia, she’s in Arizona) but to hear her talk about the work and how gratifying it is for her warms my heart, and brings us closer despite the geographical distance between us. Maybe this short post will give her the incentive to write more.