Alaska Ho!

Alaska Ho!

Cruise route

We’re not going on an Alaskan cruise just because it’s to the only US state Kathy hasn’t visited. We’re not going just because it’s dirt cheap. Nor just that the port from which it embarks is a 5 minute drive.

It’s all those things, probably some more we’re not even aware of.

Every day of the week, from May to September, two or three cruise ships leave for Alaska from Vancouver, and we’ve managed to live here eight summers without taking even one of them. On a lark, Kathy checked out some of the fares, and found deals as low as $250/person for a seven day cruise. We decided to upgrade to a balcony – with all the spectacular views along the way, it seemed like a worthy investment. We’re on the Holland America Zuiderdam.

Our balcony

We hadn’t cruised since our 2010 trip to Southeast Asia & Africa, and we were chomping at the bit to get going. A week before the cruise left, we got an email offering a chance to upgrade to a top-of-the-line suite for a very reasonable incremental cost. We jumped at the chance – it had a wraparound balcony that was about as big as our condo here!

Compared with past cruises such as our 2006 104-day cruise,  this is just a “walk in the park” – 7 days Vancouver to Vancouver, just 3 days actually outside Canada. We way over-packed for a week at sea – we’re used to three month cruises…but, we didn’t have to fly our luggage to the port – we drove it the mile or so to the port, dropped it off, took the car back home, and walked back to the port. Easy peasy.

Interested in our other cruises? Here are all our cruises. We use the site to look for good deals on cruises – it is the most flexible to search.

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