Kathy’s Career

Kathy’s Career

Resume for Katherine Hornbach

I have twenty five plus years experience in BU strategy, corporate strategy, management consulting, outbound marketing, and engineering management. It’s been fulfilling, but there is more to life than work. My husband and I now alternate between travelling the world and doing freelance consulting, including pro bono activities for worthy causes. We summer in Vancouver, BC and winter in Tucson, AZ (when not on the road).

Recent projects include a ground-breaking community-based scenario planning project for the Adirondack Park region, an Information Services plan for a large commodities company, and finalizing a set of telecom business plans. I also “work” as a cruise lecturer, imparting technology skills in exchange for free cruises to exotic ports.

Prior to my freelance career, I was a Senior Strategist at Northeast Consulting Resources Inc., a boutique consulting firm (later acquired by NerveWire) specializing in scenario-based planning and high technology. Prior to that, I served as a member of the Corporate Strategy and Alliance Group at Digital Equipment Corporation, where I worked with Digital’s executives as they dealt with massive industry shifts. At Digital, prior to my Corporate positions, I was responsible for marketing and strategy for Digital’s broad line of software development tools. Before joining Digital, I pioneered the use of methods and tools for large aerospace projects, and presented seminars worldwide on the adoption and use of CASE tools.

I have a special interest in the impact of emerging technology, from the vantage point of the business, economic, and basis-of-competition changes the new technology imposes on an existing market. I authored an invited paper for the European journal “Long Range Planning”, entitled Competing by Business Design: The Reshaping of the Computer Industry.

Specialties:I am an experienced management consultant with a focus on scenario-based planning, IT industry, high-tech strategy and marketing, industry restructuring, use of IT for competitive advantage, and in organizational change. I have a special interest in business models and basis of competition, and deep expertise in scenario-based planning.


Cruise Lecturer   

Lecture on cruise ships visiting exotic ports, helping passengers with their camera, PC, and other technology needs. Also give destination lectures on obscure ports.

Freelance Consultant   

Versatile management consultant. Primarily work as sub-contractor to high-tech strategy firms when they need senior levels of expertise on a particular project.

Scenario-Based Planning for the Adirondack Park region 

Innovative project, led by NCRI founders, to build and implement a shared, long-term vision for the Adirondack Parks region of upstate New York. See www.adkfutures.org for full details. To be featured in an upcoming PBS documentary.

Senior Strategist, Northeast Consulting Resources Inc (NCRI) January 1997-April 2001

NCRI was one of the leading scenario-based planning strategy groups in the world, focused on developing strategy under conditions of high uncertainty. Clients were focused in technology, pharma, and finance. I played a senior role on projects as well as mentoring junior staff. Firm was later purchased by NerveWire.

Corporate Strategist, Digital Equipment   May 1992-January 1997

Worked with Digital’s executives as they dealt with massive industry shifts. Areas of focused research during this time included: IT industry business designs, electronic commerce, middleware, and the server market. Led scenario-based workshops in several of these areas.

CASE Program Office, Digital Equipment Corporation  September 1986-June 1992

Ran outbound marketing for the CASE (computer-aided software engineering) tools group, growing it to a multi-hundred million dollar business. Promoted to run the CASE Program Office, which set CASE strategy, and coordinated CASE architecture, marketing, and sales across the company.

Software Tools Manager, Smiths Industries  1977-1986

 I pioneered the use of methods and tools for large aerospace projects, and presented seminars worldwide on the adoption and use of CASE tools.

Business Programmer, Grand Rapids Board of Education   1973-1976

Cobol programmer for school district applications

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