Scott’s Career

Scott’s Career

Scott finished his Masters degree (Computer Science) in 1979 and shortly thereafter moved to Marlborough, Massachusetts to began a nearly-fifteen-year career with Digital Equipment.

Things at Digital declined significantly starting around 1992, and in 1994 Scott had had enough. After just short of 15 years, he “volunteered to get laid off” (it was a common thing at the time) from the only employer he had in his adult life. After his severance package (about six months) ran out, Scott joined Cascade Communications. That company was in turn purchased by Ascend Communications and ultimately Lucent… which drove it into the ground.

Lucent itself ultimately fell into decline (is there a pattern here?) and Scott quit in 1999(?) and  joined Astralpoint Communication; he was there for one year and one week. They ended up being bought by Alcatel – the same firm that ultimately purchased Lucent.

Since retirement, Scott has completed certificate programs in Culinary Arts, and Baking and Pastry at Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, and Asian Culinary Arts at Vancouver Community College. Winter 2013 he completed an BCIT which has allowed us to update the site you’re now reading. Ever curious, he’s also taken short courses in sausage making, Mandarin, Sharpening (like, knives…), photography and videography.

Scott did a blog while attending VCC, it’s here if you’re interested.

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