In the Clouds: Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park

Scott Blessley
September 20, 2014

Aug 17 – 21 2014. It has been a less than stellar summer. For a number of reasons, the two of us have been apart for longer than usual (Scott’s mom was in a stead decline and ultimately passed away, in late July). So despite Scott having been in Canada since January, this was our first true “getaway” together this year. Fortunately, it was splendid. Restorative.

Along with our wonderful friends Blake & Libby (whom we first met in South India [no they’re not Indian, they’re Vancouver natives of Irish ancestry actually]), we set off to the Cathedral Lakes Provincial Park, about 4 hours drive from Vancouver. But that’s just the start of the trip.

We were staying at Cathedral Lakes Lodge at some 2000m/6800′ of elevation – and you have to get there. Well, you can hike up for free… but it’s not an easy climb. So most of the guests at Cathedral Lakes got there over a 14km/9 mile harrowing drive by a remarkably-skilled youngster (17?) who grew up on logging roads. A little math (about 6000′ over 9 miles) gives you a sense for the pitch of the road, but not its  quality. The quality, we’re told, was exceptionally good (until the day after we left, when there were torrential rains…). Luck us. The drive up takes an hour. That’s 9 miles/hr (14km/hr).

But… it’s worth it. Unspoiled stunning views. Great hiking, good food. Excellent company. Recommended. Have a look.

Here’s the neighbourhood:

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