Chiang Mai Thailand – 2nd time around

Chiang Mai Thailand – 2nd time around

Back to our favorite spot as we prepare to head home

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We’re both sensing that it is about time to go home — but we’ve got a week left yet, and heck, gotta spend it somewhere. We’re fond of Chiang Mai and Scott knows it especially well having spend nearly three months here back in

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There’s nothing exciting to report from our visit, its familiar and relaxing. We stock up on medications (much cheaper here, and available without prescriptions), eat juicy papaya from Scott’s favorite street vendor, get two hour massages that cost $5 each. Wander. Oh, and have “Happy Hour” each evening. We sit out on the porch of our room; make drinks (we’ve run out of both decent rum and decent gin and are now sampling the “local product” – it’s not pretty), have some cheese, Thai treats, maybe some fresh pineapple or one of our favorites, mango with sticky rice. Then head off to one of the local restaurants and blow $3-4 on dinner.

It’s so pleasant here, we decided to check out some long-stay places – furnished apartments for rent by the month. They weren’t fancy, but were entirely servicable and relatively large – and cost on the neighborhood of $150 – $200/month. That’s like $5/day. Sometime soon, we may just do this.
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