Gobsmacked by the Canadian Rockies

Gobsmacked by the Canadian Rockies

At the tail end of our beautiful British Colombian summer, we headed off in our car for a week in the Canadian Rockies, on the border of BC and Alberta. Having seen the US Rockies several times, we thought we knew what to expect. Well, we were wrong!  We were gobsmacked by how stunningly beautiful the whole area is — much more rugged, glaciers everywhere, not nearly so commercialized. Hard to believe we’ve lived next door to this natural wonder for nearly 10 years, and haven’t visited until now.

The instigation for this trip was an invitation we received from a couple we had met in 2002 on a cruise around South America. They own a beautiful rental property in the southern end of Banff National Park, were going to be staying there for a month, and invited us to join them for a few days. We had met them just after we had retired; they were seated at the same cruise table we were at. In an amazing coincidence, they were undertaking a similar retirement/travel strategy as we were. Our get-together in Alberta would be a chance for us to compare notes for the first time in over ten years!

We did a circular tour through the Rockies, visiting five different Canadian National Parks – Jasper, Banff, Yoho, Glacier, and Kootenay. We’ll take you through some of the highlights in the following pages. Here’s the route we took; the northern leg was outbound. You can click on the map to see a more detailed version.


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