The Grand Journeys

The Grand Journeys

Once we retired, we set out to see the world. Typically, we travel for the entire winter (especially when we lived in snowy New England).  Because the locations are so exotic and compelling, we put a lot of time into blogging about them. Tag along with us on our trips by reading about them below.

2001 – Peaceful Buddhist Countries  One month after 9/11/2001, instead of a planned cruise through the middle east, we backpacked through Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia [not yet transferred from old site]

2004 – Northern India plus Thailand  Our first trip to the alternate universe known as India  [text transferred, no pics yet]

2005 – Southern India, Sri Lanka & Maldives  A magical trip – Sri Lanka and Maldives are story-book countries, and southern India is pretty amazing too  [partially transferred incl pics]

2006 – 104 Day Circle-Pacific Cruise  The trip of a lifetime – to Antarctica, Polynesia, New Zealand, Galapagos, South America and Panama Canal  [not yet transferred from old site]

 2009 Southern Ocean, Africa & Middle East  Working as cruise lecturers, visiting unusual sights in the southern hemisphere  [not yet transferred from old site]

2010 Asia, Indian Ocean, Africa plus Zimbabwe  More exotic ports as cruise lecturers, plus a three weeks on the ground in Zimbabwe  [not yet transferred from old site]

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