Hiking in the Sky

Hiking in the Sky

Screenshot_2013-08-07-15-04-57For a couple of days, we’ve escaped the urban jungle of Vancouver (after attending all three “Celebration of Light” fireworks – Kathy thinks Canada won, Scott favors Thailand. [update: Kathy called it right]. 

The trip up (it’s just about 2 hours driving) was leisurely, with a stop for food and booze. Near the market a small farm stand… fresh berries to go! Out for a fantastic dinner at Whistler’s 2nd-highest rated restaurant (Tripadvisor.com, anyway) — Alta Bistro. Prix Fix for two at $33 each was a bargain with really imaginative food (and good drink). We’d walked to the restaurant, so our intoxication from a whole bottle split between us after drinks at home only slowed us down, didn’t get us arrested.

Wednesday morning we headed upward – to the peak of Whistler, a multi-hour hike along the rim, and several chairlifts to get us back to the group. We are unbelievably sore. AND we didn’t even take the full tour we planned. Honestly, at our “advancing” ages and admittedly declining fitness, we need to stop acting like happy-go-lucky 20 year olds, and start acting like the irresponsible 50-somethings we actually are.

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