Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Scott’s oft-heard saying “When you stop learning, you start dying”. It sounds a bit blunt, but there’s a lot to be said for staying engaged intellectually. We try to practice what we preach (ok, what Scott preaches, then only sometimes) with some success. We both started adulthood (if entering the workforce is a definition for that) with technology degrees, since then we’ve dabbled in all sort of things, geek and non-geek. Here are a few:

Scott at Segway trainingWe had the opportunity to become “Trainer Trainers” for the Segway Personal Transporter. “Back in the day”, Dean Kamen came up with this self-leveling , well for lack of a better description, personal transport device. The headquarters for Segway was in nearby Manchester, New Hampshire; Kathy had a friend working there. For the initial offering (which first appeared on a then very young, we were to first master the device, then learn how to teach other Trainers on how to use it (and how to instruct consumers). Among the students for this initial training was Steve Wozniak.

Both of us attended Pima County Arizona’s Mediation training. Kathy has attended a number of mediation sessions and has co-mediated some.

Scott’s Culinary Capers

Bread and Pastry at The San Francisco Baking Institute – his first forray into “professional culinary”, after leaving Digital Equipment

Professional Culinary (Western) at Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver
and Professional Baking and Pastry

Asian Culinary Arts at Vancouver Community College

“Masters Class” at Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School

Why you might ask… more than a year and a half of full time Culinary Arts training? Is this a fool’s errand? Perhaps. But among Scott’s earliest memories is hanging around the kitchen with his Mom; he learned to cook for himself during his… lengthy… bachelorhood, and broiled baby lamb chops help him woo his bride. Actually that’s a whole ‘nuther story.

Scott gets his Geek on… again

As part of his quest for Canadian (dual) citizenship (which, as we write, is on schedule for May, 2015), Scott is spending 3 winters in our Vancouver home. Winters in Vancouver aren’t so much harsh as bleak; rainy with gray skies and temperatures hovering around freezing. Scott needs a way to keep busy. So in January 2013, Scott started on an intensive about 6 month program in web design at BCIT, a well-respected college in Vancouver. The program was quite challenging – Scott was 56 at the time: the average in the class was about 25. He held his own, and graduated with honors.

Kathy returns to her math roots

While Scott plows through Vancouver’s winters, Kathy is not idle. She boned up on her Probability and Statistics and has been proctoring a class for seniors on the subject. Always the financial wizard of the two of us, Kathy goes through annual IRS (the US’ federal tax agency) training in tax preparation, and helps seniors with their annual federal returns.

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