Saving the Best for Last – Moraine Lake, Banff 6

Saving the Best for Last – Moraine Lake, Banff 6

The original impetus for our Rockies trip was to visit a couple we had met on a cruise ten years ago. Like us, they were focused on travel and very early retirement. They are from Atlanta, but have a rental property near Banff, and had planned to spend a month there enjoying the Rockies in the falls. Fortunately for us, they invited us to spend a couple of days with them. Their property is beautiful Рif you need a place to stay in the Rockies, check out Birch Haven. We had a wonderful time trading tips  on the ins and outs of frugal living, investment strategy, and traveling cheaply.

The rain ¬†finally relented, and we set off for an awesome hike near Moraine Lake (another bright blue glacial lake), through Larch Valley. “The Larch”, besides being the punchline of a Monty Python skit, is also a deciduous pine tree – ie it loses its needles in the winter. And, up in the mountains in mid-September, the larches turn bright yellow before they drop their needles. We had a 10+km hike on the Larch Valley trail, with sweeping views of golden trees, topped by a row of 10 mountain peaks. It had snowed the night before – first time this season – so we were treated to bright white peaks.

It was a (here’s that phrase again) a stunningly beautiful hike, the best of the whole trip. Check out the slide show below.

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