Singapore Stopover

Singapore Stopover


Wild Times

If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium. Or maybe its Singapore. Both have seafood; probably a larger portion of Singaporeans speak Chinese than French (or Dutch for that matter). But after being delayed a full day in theĀ Maldives, our short trip to Singapore became even shorter.

We had just two full days in Singapore, not counting the day we arrived. We had two special “events” — we met up with Scott’s old colleague, Ken Kan and met his wife Judy finally;) and we visited the Singapore Night Safari.

Ken is… still Ken. Finally stopped working (didn’t need to for the money, a long time ago). Golfs. Drives his wife crazy. Golfs some more. A nice lunch of dim sum close to our hotel, and we resumed our days of leisure in Singapore.

The Night Safari was fun. Basically its a night zoo (in fact, it’s adjacent to the Singapore Zoo), where nocturnal animals are acclimated to the artificial twilight that gives us two-footed-primates a chance to see what goes on at night. We saw leopards, weird pigs, huge bats and flying foxs, deer seldom seen in daytime.
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