Southern India – Pondicherry

Southern India – Pondicherry

Not so French

We had a fun trip to a small nearby temple, where we came across another ceremony of unknown origin that was being covered by the local press. There was a god wrapped in golden robes that was paraded three times around the inside of a temple, led by an elephant and accompanied by racous music.

  Temple elephant leads the procession three times around the temple Ganesh, the elephant god, is carried three times around the temple by worshipers Scott gets blessed by temple elephantKathy took an early morning walk down a random side ally, and found people already up at at their morning chores. Typical Indian street scenes.

   The ladies all go out to fetch water in the morning The ironing wallah already hard at work. He uses coals in the base of the iron for heat. The rickshaw wallah wants his picture taken too

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