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Pro works great! Just used it Riga, Tartu, Tallinn, Helsinki, and St Peterburg, now in Madrid

G. Paul Bailey

Hey MWM team - Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome app! I used it all summer on a cycling trip across Europe, and it almost completely eliminated the route-planning stress in places I had never been.

Steven Lybeck

Best and most useful app Ive ever downloaded and purchased. Thank you.

Kirra Logg

I recently took a honeymoon to Ireland and your app made my trip so wonderful!! I found not only major cities and locations but also hiking trails and amazing off-road sights. MapsWithMe is the greatest free app ever released!!

Yakov Hadash

Thanks to Mapwithme, I was able to find my way around Lubbock easier than buying a throw away map. Now I can take it anywhere and have an easy to use map at my fingertips.

Andrew Beauchamp

This map app is fantastic! Free!! Just download and never need access to Internet or cell after!!

Mike Dearborn

This is very useful especially when you're out of town.. I had an ease navigating the roads of Antipolo City with this map. No need for wifi or GPS. Just a tablet.. Thanks for the creators of this program..

Harold Erwin V. Cruz

Great offline map app for travellers - excellent detail of roads, towns, facilities for tourists and even shows walking paths and bike tracks.

Peter Signorini

What they [MapsWithMe] offer is significantly better than Google Maps offline…

For those of us not blessed with a truly unlimited data plan, or just running off wireless internet networks completely, being able to save and use maps for offline use is a truly fantastic deal. MapsWithMe Pro makes this possible.

MapsWithMe is beautifully designed, and the maps do load very quickly. It would be a good resource to have in your pocket.

MapsWithMe Pro allows you to locate where you are and search for nearby points of interest without an Internet connection. Recommended for outdoor enthusiasts!


The design, interface and the usability are simplistic and intuitive. MapsWithMe is totally worthy if you’re looking for an offline maps app that works good and is fast.

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