Fellow Travelers

Fellow Travelers

Tour Members

The group was a bit smaller than the max of 12, with a total of 10 passengers + our Guide/Facilitator (front, left). Interestingly, all of them were taking this tour as part of a longer, multi-month trek. I guess unless you’re a serious traveler, you don’t take three week bus trips through rural India. A very interesting group of people, meeting them was one of the best parts of the trip.

Jordan & Janice: 30 year olds who are taking a year off to backpack around the world.. Good for them! He’s an ER doc at a public hospital in the Bronx; when he returns he’ll have the same job at Cook County Hospital in Chicago (yes, same as the TV show “ER”). She’s a fashion designer, her last job was for Ann Taylor Inc. Both are compulsive world travelers, especially Jordan (who does volunteer doc work in interesting places around the world) Great stories of their travels and of life in the ER. You can read about their trip at www.travelpod.com, under traveler name “jmo”.

Ravi: a late-20s med school graduate who is taking some time off before doing his residency. Born & raised in the US, with Indian immigrant parents. This is his first time visiting India other than staying with family. To everyone’s amusement, locals assume he is our guide, and try to cut deals with him to win our business. Ravi doesn’t speak Hindi, but is game for the deal-making nonetheless (sharing the kickbacks). He’s spending a couple of months touring India, ending up visiting family in South India the last few weeks — where he will have “introductions” to possible brides – his family has been advertising.

Andrea: An entirely likable late 30s single gal, she got fed up with the stressful corporate life in London and quit her job, moving back to her mom’s in Yorkshire before setting off on a round-the-world trip by herself. Not sure what she’ll do next, but it won’t be the rat race. A wonderful person, we’ve convinced her to stop by and stay with us when she gets to our part of the world in May.

Athena: An unlikely candidate for this trip, she’s been staying with our friend Asha in Delhi, and decided to come along when she heard about it from us. A long-time US State Dept employee in Paris, she moved back to the US a couple years ago, just in time to help in building the communications strategy for the explaining the Iraqi invasion. This was an extremely stressful job (especially since she didn’t agree with most of it) and she finally decided she had to quit or go crazy. They convinced her to take a sabbatical, and she’s spending six months in India, staying with Asha when not touring other parts of the country. The most experienced “India hand” among us travelers (being in India since November), she taught us how to bargain hard and how to check for quality.

Jenny: Our tour gude, 23, idealistic yet wise; has an unflappable, get-things-done attitude which makes her very effective. I have no idea how she can be so poised at her age. Has led trips throughout China and India for Intrepid.

 And then, there’s us. The Group Elders.

And so we set out on the first leg of our journey, the Shekawati region of Northern Rajasthan.

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