Now, we Wait – Citizenship Watch

Scott Blessley
May 15, 2015

Oh, Canada. After over 11 years living in Vancouver BC (on and off, with a significant “on” during the last 4 years), I’ve (Scott) finally met the residency requirements to apply for Canadian citizenship. It’s a proud moment. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the differences between Canadians and Americans – whether personalities, knowledge of events outside the country, politics – all are different than I would have expected.

Canada is not perfect; I don’t know any country that is – and I’ve been to over a hundred of ’em. But British Columbia has such charms, that I miss it the day I step foot away.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada say 2 to 3 years (update: 12 months or less!) for processing. So with hope, I’ll get the call sometime before Summer 2016. Update: May 16, 2016 I was accepted for Canadian citizenship. June 17, 2016 I attended the citizenship ceremony, and became a Canadian citizen.

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